Microsoft Word shortcut keys for Windows

Millions of people have been using Word on Windows since 1983 and it goes without saying it has become a key competency. Therefore, catching up and staying ahead is crucial for success. Knowing just a few of the most frequently used MS Word shortcut keys is the best way. You will streamline your workflow and save serious amounts of time.

Ease of use and broad functionality has made MS Word one of the most successful ever programs. Virtually all workers in mid and high level jobs have some familiarity with Word (and Excel), we all use it. Although apparently, people with a more in depth knowledge are getting recruited quicker. If you only have a basic understanding of Microsoft Word you could be getting pipped at the post by someone who does. Learning hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts is the best way to use Word quicker. Plus, learning these shortcuts will give you a broader understanding of the software. Furthermore, you can demonstrate your ability to future employers or educate team mates and colleagues.

Beyond the specifics of MS Word keyboard shortcut keys, learning these hotkeys will help you across other Microsoft Office programs too. And as there is much standardisation for shortcuts across all programs, especially Windows Office, you’ll find that a lot of these will be extra useful. Next time you’re in Excel or Powerpoint you’ll notice how much faster you can operate in those too.

You can do more than just saving time and raising skills. If you memorise anything you will benefit from better general memory, better focus, improved creativity and less mental decline. So instead of memorising a poem or a random sequence of playing cards why not memorise keyboard shortcuts that can up your skills and your wage?

This list is for PC users and it varies slightly from the shortcuts used for Mac user. For further details information checkout the official Word documentation.

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These shortcuts are accurate and correct to the best of our knowledge. Shortcut Killer is intended for informational or entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as professional advice. Some of these shortcuts may not work for your version of Word. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to try and see which hotkeys can save you time. Some have been omitted as you probably wouldn’t use them. But, for more hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts head to Microsoft’s excellent resource on Windows and Mac.

If you see any mistakes, want to see any more information or have any comments please message me below.

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