Google Docs shortcut keys for Mac OS

This program represents the future of software applications being web-based, sharable and accessible almost anywhere. Like all Google products, it has productivity at it heart. So it goes hand in hand to learn Google Docs shortcut keys.

At some point someone is bound to share a Google doc with you (if they haven’t already). Do you want to fire that document back at the speed of light? With comments and formatting that Ally Mcbeal would be proud of? If you learn Google Docs shortcuts you will. Not only will you get faster and boost productivity, you’ll also learn about the huge scope of functionality from dictation to commenting to spinning graphics.

Google Docs is a core part of the Google suite and being cloud based its a serious (free) alternative to Microsoft Word and Apple Pages.  This was one of the first major web-based programs to launch and running from the cloud has many advantages in this day and age. Google docs works across a range of devices, does not require installation and is even compatible with Word documents.

In these shortcuts below you may also notice it’s a few more accessible feature too. Shortcuts and accessibility go hand in hand. Users with motor disabilities depend heavily on the keyboard as they don’t have fine muscle control and can’t use a mouse well.  Blind people also typically rely on using keyboard shortcuts to navigate an application hence Googles use of dictation shortcut keys.

Memorise these shortcuts and improve your productivity when co-working or working alone. An added benefit of exercising your brain, making it more elastic and creating new neural connections. You’ll help prevent cognitive decline whilst improving your ability to learn new things.

The Google Docs ‘documentation’ can provide a deep dive into what you can do and how you can do it. But for a decent snap shot see a full list Google Docs shortcut keys below.

Windows Mac

These shortcuts are accurate and correct to the best of our knowledge. Shortcut Killer is intended for informational or entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as professional advice. Some of these shortcuts may not work for you. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to try and see which hotkeys can save you time. Some have been omitted as you probably wouldn’t use them. But, for more hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts head to Google’s excellent resource for Windows and Mac.

If you see any mistakes, want to see any more information or have any comments please message me below.

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