Apple Numbers shortcut keys

Numbers is another one of Apple’s elegantly simplified Mac based alternatives. This time Apple is tackling the sexy world of spreadsheets. And Apple inc. Numbers has my pants off. Just like Pages, Apple Numbers shortcut keys are easy to learn. Start with the our composed list of ‘the most useful shortcut keys’. This will give you the most ‘bang’ for your ‘buck’.

Numbers has a lot the same keyboard shortcuts that Pages has but a lot of  ‘moving around the tables’ hotkeys too.  However, only regular use of the program would really warrant mastery of these shortcuts. To get the most love out of these Apple Numbers shortcut keys, I recommend memorising the first 3 sections. You’ll also be enforcing your Apple Pages knowledge to make you a real iWorks stud.

Apple released Numbers in  2007 making it the newest program in the iWorks suite. It’s a welcome casual partner for anyone needing a break from Excel’s boring but very capable hands. Also, if you have a Mac, Numbers is free! So a cheap date compared to a Microsoft Office subscription. I use Numbers whenever I want to layout a quick comparison sheet or project plan. It’s easy, smooth and quick. Which is sometimes just what you need!

Our brains need constant love and affection.  You need to keep it supple and elastic.  Memorising things is a great way of keeping your brain fit.  Knowing that, you may as well memorise keyboard shortcuts as they will make your productivity fitter too! Bookmark this page and learn a little everyday.  Click the dice to open the flash card style memory game. You need to get every answer correct to complete the game. This will help you to internalise each shortcut and hopefully prompt you to use them next time you’re going over those sheets.

27 most useful shortcut keys
Action Shortcut keys
Start dictation
Mac keys: Function-Function
Open the template chooser
Mac keys: Command-N
Open spreadsheet
Mac keys: Command-O
Save spreadsheet
Mac keys: Command-S
Save as
Mac keys: Shift-option-Command-S
Duplicate spreadsheet
Mac keys: Shift-Command-S
Add new sheet
Mac keys: Shift-Command-N
Close window
Mac keys: Command-W
Close all windows
Mac keys: option-Command-W
Show or hide the tab bar
Mac keys: Shift-Command-T
Show or hide toolbar
Mac keys: option-Command-T
Mac keys: Command-Z
Mac keys: Shift-Command-Z
Show colours window
Mac keys: Shift-Command-C
Show fonts window
Mac keys: Command-T
Mac keys: Command-B
Mac keys: Command-I
Mac keys: Command-U
Mac keys: Command-C
Mac keys: Command-X
Mac keys: Command-V
Insert equation
Mac keys: option-Command-E
Insert current time
Mac keys: Shift-Control-Command-T
Insert current date
Mac keys: Shift-Control-Command-D
Check spelling
Mac keys: Command-Semicolon
Add row below
Mac keys: option-Down arrow
Add column to right
Mac keys: option-Right arrow
General shortcuts
Move around a spreadsheet
Select text
Format text
Find and delete text, use comments and check spelling
Move, group, layer and resize objects
Working with tables
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