Google sheets shortcut keys for Mac OS

Google sheets is the free, cloud based answer to Microsoft Excel. Sibling to Google Docs it’s another app that you’re bound to use if you ever collaborate on projects. You’re inevitably be invited to read or edit some sort of annoying time plan. So learn Google sheets shortcut keys.

Initially released in 2006 along with Docs and Slides, sheets is another solid long term solution.  Just like the other Google apps it’s excellent for accessibility. There are tonnes of keyboard shortcuts. There’s a lot of crossover with Docs making it worth learning slightly more than other apps. Also, as it works in the browser it can’t overlap with those shortcut keys so they’ll be less confusion.

The benefits of Google Sheets lie in its browser based functionality. You don’t need to install it and it works well across many devices, including mobile. As mentioned in the Docs write up design for accessibility is important to Google. It’s important to everyone with motor skills issues who find using a mouse difficult. Including me, once when I had RSI.  In this aspect Google Sheets shortcut keys are up there with the best.

As I always say, the benefits of memorising are endless and largely unknown. Firstly, memorising things makes you better at… memorising things. Challenging your brain is like giving it a little workout keeping it healthy and happy. Repetitive learning also called rote learning is a very effective way of memorising things, plus it keeps your brain elastic. Neural plasticity staves off the mental decline of old age.

A common problem in these modern days in distraction and focus. Ironic that memorising the shortcuts used for (largely) time management software will actually help you learn to focus more just by the activity itself.  Yes that’s right, memorising things trains your focus and shortcuts improve your productivity so the two go hand in hand nicely.

Windows Mac
20 most useful shortcuts
Action Shortcut keys
Select all
Mac keys: Command-A or Command-Shift-Space
Mac keys: Command-Z
Mac keys: Command-Shift-Z or Command-Y
Mac keys: Command-F
Mac keys: Command-S
Mac keys: Command-O
Mac keys: Command-P
Mac keys: Command-C
Mac keys: Command-X
Mac keys: Command-V
Show common keyboard shortcuts
Mac keys: Command-Slash
Mac keys: Option-Shift-5
Insert link
Mac keys: Command-K
Insert time
Mac keys: Command-Shift-Semicolon
Insert date
Mac keys: Command-Semicolon
Clear formatting
Mac keys: Command-Backslash
Moving to beginning of row
Mac keys: Function-Left arrow
Move to beginning of sheet
Mac keys: Command-Function-Left arrow
Move to end of row
Mac keys: Function-Right arrow
Move to end of sheet
Mac keys: Command-Function-Right arrow
Common actions
Formatting cells
Navigate around spreadsheet
Editing notes and comments
Open menus
Add or edit rows and columns
Using formulas
Help for screen readers

These shortcuts are accurate and correct to the best of our knowledge. Shortcut Killer is intended for informational or entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as professional advice. Some of these shortcuts may not work for you. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to try and see which hotkeys can save you time. Some have been omitted as you probably wouldn’t use them. But, for more hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts head to Google’s excellent resource.

If you see any mistakes, want to see any more information or have any comments please message me below.

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