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Like the sound of the school bell at the end of a long, boring day. Putting a line through a todo item is as satisfying as kicking your teacher in the balls. Enter strikethrough, a useful way of marking something complete. With the strikethrough shortcut in your locker you’ll be crossing words out like hell fire.

Other than marking something as complete strikethrough can be used to mark something as corrected. This is typically seen in Word documents that have been doing their rounds hoovering up amends and criticism.

However, if you’re using Word for Windows 10 the below shortcuts might not work.  You may need to use a convoluted work around.  Highlight that task you’ve just nailed or that mistake made by a colleague you’re about to humiliate. Then press Control-D to open the font customiser window.  With that window open press Alt-K. This will check the strikethrough style, then press enter.  There you have it, the longest strikethrough shortcut known to man.

If you want to create your own Strikethrough shortcut in Word for Windows you can. And it’s not too complicated.  Go back to that font customiser window mentioned above by pressing Control-D.  With that open hit Alt and Control at the same time and press +.  If done correctly, the cursor will turn into a clover. Click the strikethrough checkbox and this will open another window called ‘customise keyboard’.  Below ‘press new shortcut key’ enter a new shortcut for strike through.  Control-5 or Alt-Shift-5 are the most common so maybe the easiest to remember. After that close both windows and you’re good to go.

Prepped with this knowledge you’ll be one productive task master, satisfyingly scoring lines through that endless pile of tasks. But watch out for the amount the key combinations vary between programs and operating systems.

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Did these shortcuts fail to work for you? Please let us know so we can keep this list as up to date as possible.

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