Dreamweaver shortcut keys for Mac OS

Dreamweaver is an overall web development package. Having the option to code using design tools, like, drag and drop, makes this app the stabilisers of dev tools. You’ll see from the range of Dreamweaver shortcut keys that it’s a large program. Even if a more stripped back text editor is preferred, the fact that Dreamweaver has FTP support makes it well worth getting to know.

Macromedia release Dreamweaver in 1997 and it became a standout part of the Adobe Creative Suite is 2005 after Macromedia’s buyout. It was very ahead of its time,  probably as significant as WordPress. Dreamweaver was one of the first programs that made it possible to build websites without any knowledge of code.  The design tab helped people learn. You could draw out what you wanted but also look under the hood and build up an appreciation for how the HTML syntax works. From drawing out a table and making a change people would start to realise that it’s actually easier to just type out the code. But starting from a visual prompt was a gateway from graphic design to full on web development.  Suddenly coding isn’t such as scary thing and a binary universe opened up.  You saw the Matrix (that reference wasn’t out of date then and still witty).

These days as more people code and it’s not so far out the program and become less visual and more supportive of modern technologies such as code compiling and minification.  Dreamweaver shortcut keys still support a visual based approach with shortcuts to insert media and tables but this area hasn’t grown much.  There has been more growth over the years better code typing workflow.  Probably trying to keep up with Visual Studio Code and Sublime.  For example, a useful lesser used shortcut is multi-cursor select. Hold ‘Command’ while highlighting text to select multiple instances, then you can overtype all of them at once.


Windows Mac
24 most useful shortcuts
Action Shortcut keys
New file
Mac keys: Command-Shift-N

New folder

New folder
Mac keys: Command-Option-Shift-N

Preview in primary browser

Preview in primary browser
Mac keys: Option-Function 12

Preview in secondary browser

Preview in secondary browser
Mac keys: Shift-Function 12
Go to line
Mac keys: Command-Comma

Collapse selection

Collapse selection
Mac keys: Command-Shift-C

Expand selection

Expand selection
Mac keys: Command-Shift-E

Collapse full tag

Collapse full tag
Mac keys: Command-Shift-J
Indent text
Mac keys: Command-Shift-Greater than or Tab
Outdent text
Mac keys: Command-Shift-Less than or Shift-Tab
Move to start of current line
Mac keys: Command-Left arrow
Move to end of current line
Mac keys: Command-Right arrow
Close all
Mac keys: Shift-Command-W
Find in current document
Mac keys: Command-F
Find and replace in files
Mac keys: Command-Shift-F
Insert line break
Mac keys: Shift-Enter
Non-breaking space
Mac keys: Command-Shift-Space
Mac keys: Command-U
Show panels
Mac keys: Function 4
Mac keys: Command-B
Mac keys: Command-I

Get file

Get file
Mac keys: Command-Shift-B

Put file

Put file
Mac keys: Command-Shift-U
Coding shortcuts
Find and replace
Guides, grids and rulers in design view
Inside views
Windows and tabs
Site management

If there’s anything you want to know or if you spot something wrong please flag it up in the comments below.

This content is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only.  Adobe has an excellent help resource for Dreamweaver that far exceeds anything we’ve shown here.

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