Killing it with shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts don’t require an explanation. They’re keystrokes that skip out the need for mousing around those long, tedious menus looking for copy and paste.

Shortcuts aren’t fun and of course you probably want to be reading something else like how to get rich quick or have more free time. But just one shortcut can save you seconds each minute, and you don’t need anyone to explain how that adds up. How do you want to convert those seconds? Back into cash from increased productivity or more free time? Sounds better now. Shortcut Killer is literally a means to an end.

You’ve experienced how much time copy and paste can save you so why haven’t you learned anymore shortcuts? Think of it like brain training. You know the benefits of that.  But memorising the sequence of a whimsically drawn ship, shoe and carrot isn’t going to benefit you beyond the exercise itself. Memorise keyboard shortcuts instead.

Shortcut Killer will be updating itself with hotkeys from commonly used computer programs. It will be your go to resource for speeding up your workflow and finding you extra minutes you didn’t even know you existed. Working for yourself or working for the man using more shortcuts will undoubtedly help line your pockets. It will save you time and keep you focused on the task at hand, in the middle of the screen and not that pesky ‘edit’ menu.