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How do you not know the paste shortcut? My mum knows the paste shortcut!

First you’ll want something on your clipboard, maybe you got that far already since you’re asking. Then press Control-V on Windows and Command-V on Mac. I wish there was more to say, but that’s about it.

Paste allows you to copy content from one area and place it somewhere else. You can copy an email address, a line of text, a paragraph. In some programmes such as Word and Pages you even have the capability to copy and paste font styling. Multimedia objects are compatible with paste too for reproducing images, video or sound files within or between many different programmes.

Below there are various commands for pasting to and from the spike or scrapbook (in Word) for Mac or Windows. They differ from the normal paste shortcut in a couple of ways.

The spike works in a similar way to the normal clipboard with one difference.  When copying items to the clipboard you will overwrite the entire clipboard each time. Whereas when you copy to the spike you progressively add elements to it with each copy so you can paste all of the the items you added in one place. Using the paste from the spike shortcut.

The scrapbook tool for Word on Mac is a useful feature for pasting multiple elements.  To use it you need to open the scrapbook dialogue box. Once open, highlight an image or piece of text and press the ‘add’ button or drag what you’ve highlighted into the box. To paste that element put the cursor where you want it to go and press ‘paste’ or drag the element onto the page. But of course, what’s the point if there’s no shortcut? Control-Alt-V is the keyboard shortcut to paste the selection to the scrapbook. To paste it out of the scrapbook select the item, position the cursor and press the same key sequence.

The shortcut for pasting surrounding style is listed below. This is useful if you are moving text from a normal body paragraph to a main heading in a large or bolder font or vice versa.

Use the toggle to switch between shortcuts for Mac or Windows.

Windows Mac

Do you know any powerful paste shortcuts, please let me know in the comments below.

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