Microsoft Excel shortcut keys

Some basic knowledge of Excel shortcut keys will take you a long way on your journey into the unknown. The first keyboard shortcut we learn is copy, the first word processor we use is Word. The first spreadsheet application we use it Excel. In fact, the first time we use it, we don’t even know what a spreadsheet is. Every adult needs to use a spreadsheet from managing their first project to organising their first joint bank account. To buying their first home.

Excel was initially released last century in 1987. It’s arguably defined modern accounting and has arguably become a noun. The term ‘excel file’ is brandished around more often than the term ‘spreadsheet’.  It may not be as sexy as Numbers but it makes up for that in experience. 20 more years of experience.

Across the whole of the lucrative finance industry Excel is used. Finance is a dog eat dog world. It can’t be blamed with the amount of money moving around it. What other computer application could be more useful? Learning Excel shortcut keys is probably one of the most underrated ways of getting a financial leg up ever. It’s so underrated that I’ve never heard it mentioned. Imagine how useful you’d be at work (or home) if you could double your spreadsheet speed. Your boss breathing over your shoulder will take note of your effectiveness.  You’ll be push towards the front of the partnership queue.  A bit of extra cash to get that boat you always wanted.  You can now retire early and setup a scuba diving business.  You may well need to make spreadsheets for that too but you’ll be so quick that most of your time will be spent under water.

Worse case scenario, none of those things happen but these keyboard shortcuts have exercised your brain so it functions better in retirement and you stave off that cognitive decline.

Windows Mac
13 most useful shortcuts
Action Shortcut keys
Open workbook
Windows keys: Control-O
Save workbook
Windows keys: Control-S
Expand or collapse ribbon
Windows keys: Control-Function 1
Move to previous cell
Windows keys: Shift-Tab
Move to last cell
Windows keys: Control-End
Move to first cell
Windows keys: Control-Home
Next sheet
Windows keys: Control-Page down
Previous sheet
Windows keys: Control-Page up
Enter current time
Windows keys: Control-Shift-Colon
Enter current date
Windows keys: Control-Semicolon
Windows keys: Control-5
Windows keys: Function 7
Select all cells
Windows keys: Control-A or Control-Shift-Space
General shortcuts
Ribbon keyboard shortcuts
Navigating cells
Formatting cells
Paste Special window
Selecting cells
Data, functions and formulas

These shortcuts are accurate and correct to the best of our knowledge. Shortcut Killer is intended for informational or entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as professional advice. Some of these shortcuts may not work for your version of Excel. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to try and see which hotkeys can save you time. Some have been omitted as you probably wouldn’t use them. But, for more hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts head to Microsoft’s excellent resource on Windows and Mac.

If you see any mistakes, want to see any more information or have any comments please message me below.

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